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New publications

Strategies for Classroom Management K–6: Making Magic Happen

Darlene Anderson Wilson
This book outlines one American teacher's approach to raising academic standards and student motivation by focusing on values and using a clear discipline framework in the classroom. Definitions of success, teaching, discipline and motivation are discussed in the first of four sections, with the functions of the classroom outlined in the second section. Specific issues including the international context, bilingual education and gifted students are also addressed. The final section of the book outlines implications and recommendations for values-based teaching. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Subject Headings

Primary education
Values education
United States of America (USA)
Classroom management

Critical Issues in Training Special Education Teachers

Laurie U deBettencourt
A number of academics explore the issues faced in training special education teachers. Topics covered include the definition and means of qualifying as a special education teacher, traditional and alternative training options and career changes into special education. Reflections from special education teachers and a teacher-trainer are included. (See Table of Contents)

Subject Headings

Teacher training
Special education

Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2005

Independent Team UNESCO
UNESCO,  2005
The report monitors progress toward the six Education For All goals, to which 160 countries committed themselves at the World Education Forum in 2000. The strategy's aim is to have quality education available to all adults and children in under-developed countries by 2015. The findings show that despite progress, no country outside the developed world has achieved the four goals that are measurable, and that school rentention and attendance rates will not meet the 2015 objective at the current rate of progress. The report recommends urgent improvements in teacher recruitment and training systems, textbook quality and quantity, pedagogical renewal and learning environments. (Adapted from Executive Summary)

Subject Headings

Socially disadvantaged
International relations

Child's Play: Dorothy Howard and the Folklore of Australian Children

June Factor, Kate Darian-Smith
Museum Victoria,  2005
June Factor, established author of rhyme books All Right Vegemite, Far Out Brussel Sprout and others, collaborates with cultural and social historian Kate Darian-Smith in this book. The authors review the work of teacher Dorthy Howard, who observed the importance of children's undirected games in their learning, and utilised a 'language experience' approach to literacy teaching. Contextual essays from international scholars are also included. The book outlines a selection of 1950s playground rhymes, chants and games from across Australia, analysing their meanings and value in the lives of children. (Adapted from review by Fred McArdle in Teacher August 2005)

Subject Headings


Inquiry into Math, Science and Technology for Teaching Young Children

Arleen Pratt Prairie
This title presents a detailed view on how three to six years olds learn, based on theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and social constructivist approaches. Initial chapters examine how children respond to the steps of inquiry, such as listening and responding, exploring, classifying and comparing, hypothesising and communicating findings. Specific math and science topics are discussed such as number sense, basic numeracy, space and time, physical science, earth, environments, plants and animals. For each of these, the book recommends ways that teachers can select and frame questions to encourage discussion and investigation. Aspects of family and culture are also considered. (Adapted from publisher's description)

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings


The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America

Jonathan Kozol
The Crown Publishing Group, September 2005
The author argues that urban school districts in the USA are as racially isolated as those of the Deep South in the pre-Civil Rights era. Kozol, winner of the US National Book Award, spent five years writing the book and visited 60 schools in 11 states. He addresses racial divisions and discrimination within the contexts of student interaction, discipline, assessment and teaching methods. (Adapted from publisher's description). See also article in Los Angeles Times 30 August 2005 (free registration required).

Subject Headings

Education and state
School and community
Teaching and learning
United States of America (USA)