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New publications

Differentiated Learning: Language and Literacy Projects that Address Diverse Backgrounds and Cultures

Kathy Paterson

This teacher resource outlines 30 practical projects which incorporate a range of literacy activities. Curriculum links and possible adaptations are provided for each project.  The authors outline ways for teachers to use their understanding of students' cultural, linguistic, religious, intellectual and behavioural differences to make learning more accessible. They describe ways to break objectives into smaller steps; create effective student groups; base expectations on individual students and create clear links between instructions, goals and tasks set. (Available from Curriculum Corporation)

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Teacher-student relationships

Leading for Results: Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Relationships in Schools

Dennis Sparks

A series of 26 short essays suggest ways for school leaders to improve results in their schools and districts. The book is written by the Executive Director of England's National Staff Development Council, and discusses a range of leadership, teaching and learning theories. Sparks suggests ways for school leaders to put these theories into practice by reflecting on their own words, thoughts and actions. Ways to understand and manage change issues are also discussed. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

School principals
School leadership

The Educator's Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems

Mark Boynton, Christine Boynton
ASCD,  2005

Classroom management and discipline strategies for primary to high school students are outlined in this book. It is based on the theory that 80 per cent of students consistently follow rules, five per cent often break rules and the remaining 15 per cent follow or break rules in reaction to a teacher's approach. The authors outline how this 15 per cent can be managed through positive teacher–student relationships, explicit teaching of behaviour expectations and by gaining support from school management and parents. Chapters cover effective classroom and school-wide discipline; monitoring students; and working with students who have anger management, attention and other behavioural issues. (Adapted from publisher's description)


Subject Headings

Classroom management

An Eating Disorders Resource for Schools

Sophia Liddy
This downloadable booklet discusses the types, causes and myths surrounding eating disorders. It outlines possible warning signs, and suggests ways to assist students who demonstrate concerning behaviours. Preventative programs are described and recommended for implementation on a school-wide level. Additional resources for support are also outlined. (Adapted from review in SCAN vol 24 no 4, November 2005)

Subject Headings

Eating disorders
Body image
Anorexia nervosa

The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook

Phil Bradley
Written for information professionals and ICT teachers, this book describes basic and advanced search techniques. The first chapters discuss popular search engines, including Google and Yahoo, while subsequent chapters cover site-specific search engines and meta-search engines. Methods to locate images, sounds, multimedia information, virtual libraries and newsgroups quickly and easily are outlined. The author also maintains a website containing latest developments and new hints, which can be utilised in tandem with this resource. (Adapted from review by Peter Christiansen, Teacher librarian, in Synergy vol 3 no 2)

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Information services
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Electronic publishing

National Education Research Forum: Bulletin

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)
NFER,  2005
The National Education Research Forum is an independent organisation in Great Britain that develops educational research strategies. This regular bulletin discusses current issues in education, with a focus on helping teachers and schools to put research into practice. Articles cover topics such as teaching within specific curriculum areas, vocational education, libraries, teaching thinking skills, behaviour management, assessment and values education. A discussion of existing research or practice, and illustrative case studies are provided. (Adapted from review by A Soutter in SCAN vol 24 no 4, November 2005)

Subject Headings

Education research
Great Britain