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Studying the effectiveness of teacher education


Principals and new teachers in Victoria and Queensland are participating in a longitudinal study designed to investigate teacher preparation and induction into the profession. The project, known as Studying the Effectiveness of Teacher Education (SETE), is focusing on how well new teachers feel prepared for the variety of school settings in which they are employed, and also analyses graduate employment destinations, pathways into the profession and teacher attrition and retention. The project is expected to involve up to 15,000 early career teachers and 1,600 principals. Its results will inform policies and practices for effective pre-service teacher education and induction into the profession. SETE is being conducted concurrently with the national Longitudinal Teacher Workforce Main Study (LTWMS), which is tracking all 2011 teacher education graduates in other states and territories across Australia.

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The impact of induction and mentoring programs for beginning teachers

Richard M. Ingersoll, Michael Strong

Researchers have reviewed 15 studies on teacher induction carried out since the mid 1980s, seeking to establish the effect of the programs on teachers' commitment and retention, instructional practices and student achievement – Review of Educational Research.

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Problem-based learning for beginning mathematics teachers

Martin Schmude, Penelope Serow, Stephen Tobias

A trial project in NSW has investigated the use of problem-based learning (PBL) as a means to assist primary pre-service teachers (PPSTs) to teach and learn mathematics – 2011 MERGA conference proceedings.

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Do we know a successful teacher when we see one?

Michael Strong, John Gargani, Özge Hacifazlioglu

A study in the USA examines how closely experts' judgements of teacher quality align with outcome-based measures of the teachers' performance – Journal of Teacher Education.

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What matters most in distinguished literacy teacher education programs?

Jan Lacina, Cathy Collins Block

Experts evaluate and rank six highly-regarded programs for literacy teacher education in the USA – Journal of Literacy Research.

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