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The Staff Matters web resource

Jo Mason
The Staff Matters website is a resource that provides school staff with information and ideas on how to protect and enhance their own health and wellbeing. Part of the MindMatters site, it takes a universal and health literacy approach within the educational working context and is available for staff in all types of schools. It covers a range of topics on health and wellbeing for staff, and provides summaries of articles and opinion pieces about mental health and links to mental health websites. View Article...

Developing global perspectives in primary school students

Sandra Newell, Bev Stubbs
Two primary schools in New South Wales have successfully embedded a global perspective to the Human Society and its Environment K–6 syllabus – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

Teacher librarians making a difference

Sandra Ryan, Vicki Hudson
A program at a Catholic secondary college offers evidence of the role that teacher librarians can play in developing students' information literacy – Scan. View Abstract...

10 myths (maybe) about learning math

Jay Mathews
Both sides in the current 'war' over maths teaching methods in the USA argue their case – The Washington Post. View Abstract...

Who’s teaching science?

Felicity Jensz
The authors of this article were commissioned by the Australian Council of Deans of Science to compile a report on the profile and characteristics of science teachers in Australian schools. Their findings are outlined in this article in Professional Educator.View Abstract...

Engaging students with school life

Sue Thomson
This article considers the impact that students’ engagement in extracurricular activities has on their overall engagement with their schooling, and examines the factors that affect students’ involvement in extracurricular activities – Youth Studies Australia.View Abstract...