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Issues in boys’ education: encouraging broader definitions of masculinity in schools

Wayne Martino
Wayne Martino suggests that the problems boys experience in schools are more likely due to restrictive notions of masculinity than to disadvantage, and that schools should assist boys in understanding the effects that narrow social constructions of gender have on their expectations, lives and relationships.    View Article...

The vexed issue of teacher status

Suzanne Rice
A recent study has explored why teachers consistently underestimate the status of their profession in the public mind – Australian Journal of Education. View Abstract...

Where does primary education stand on new report?

Terence Lovat
A recent report on Australian primary school curricula calls for more emphasis on content and more control over what is taught, but education systems should not retreat from teaching generic skills in reflection, discernment and critique – Education Review. View Abstract...

Indigenous students and VET in Schools

Sue Helme, Angela Hill
VET in Schools has been very valuable to Indigenous students, but high achievers should not be routinely counselled towards VET rather than academic courses – 2004 AARE Conference. View Abstract...

Just a knock back? Identity bruising on the route to becoming a male primary school teacher

Tor Foster, Elizabeth Newman
Foster and Newman examine the experiences of male primary teachers, focusing on how they negotiate the perceived ‘female’ cultures of primary schools, as well as the gendered perceptions of their communities, and the effects this has on their professional identity – Teachers and Teaching.View Abstract...

Back to whole

Elliot Eisner
Eisner considers the historical and ideological forces which influence conceptions of schooling, and argues that there is a need to abandon the ethic of 'technical rationality' and adopt perspectives of education that promote the education of the whole child – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...