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The South Australian Learning to Learn initiative

Special report 
Learning to Learn is an initiative of the South Australian Government that is changing the way teaching and learning are conceptualised and provided to the children and students in the State. Developed in three phases over the last six years, it covers a network of over 170 educational sites, from preschool to Year 12. Learning to Learn has involved schools and their communities in a journey of renewal and reform based on critical reflection. The initiative was developed as a complement to SACSA, the State’s outcomes based curriculum framework and, like SACSA, Learning to Learn rests on constructivist learning theory. View Article...

The development of mathematical discussions

Sharon Soucy McCrone
A researcher in the USA has examined the development of mathematical discussion in a Grade 5 class, investigating the evolution of student interactions, teacher pedagogy and classroom microculture – Mathematical Thinking and Learning. View Abstract...

Standardising knowledge in a multicultural society

Christine Sleeter, Jamy Stillman
A study of curriculum frameworks for English and the social sciences in California finds that they show a strong political reaction against the reforms of the civil rights era – Curriculum Inquiry. View Abstract...

Quality assessment to support learning

Assessment needs to remain aligned with curriculum as it adapts to changes in work force needs and the growth of ICT – AISQ Briefings View Abstract...

Leading or misleading? Distributed leadership and school improvement

Alma Harris
While the concept of distributed leadership has generated much enthusiasm in school leadership research circles, the link between it and school improvement is yet to be conclusively established, according to Alma Harris in the Journal of Curriculum Studies.View Abstract...

Conceptualising diversity – defining the scope of multicultural policy, education and research

Mary Kalantzis
Kalantzis proposes a reconceptualisation of multiculturalism in order to make it relevant to cultural diversity at both a local and international level, and more meaningful to education and research – Mosiac.View Abstract...