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Want to be a better leader?

Pamela Macklin
To achieve large scale improvements leaders must not only learn how to do new things, they must value that learning process. Here are five things a leader can do to meet the challenges facing them. If we build on the old wisdom and energetically apply these new leadership rules, we’ll have a much greater chance of achieving success for our students. As successful leaders know, ‘Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible’. View Article...

Professional development: a great way to avoid change

Peter Cole
Teachers improve their classroom teaching not by traditional professional development from external experts, but by targeted school-based activities with closely measurable outcomes – IARTV Seminar Papers View Abstract...

Undertrained, overstretched and essential

Ian Keese
Heads of Department in schools play a vital role that needs more recognition and support. – EQ Australia View Abstract...

School security

John Collier
The author describes security systems used successfully in two contrasting New South Wales schools where he has worked as school leader. – Teacber View Abstract...

Improving country schools: facing the challenge

Alan Clifford
The author, a principal of a rural secondary school in Victoria, describes the initiatives undertaken at his school to transform it from just another underachieving school into a high achieving secondary college - Principal Matters View Abstract...


Anne Bamford
The author examines the phenomenon of cyber-bullying, and urges adults and educators to work with young people in the virtual environment in order to help them become conscious of the ethics involved in using the technology - Classroom.View Abstract...