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Professional Learning in Effective Schools

DEECD Victoria 

Investing in professional learning is the key to ensuring that schools become learning communities where teachers work together, learn from each other and share best practice. Professional Learning in Effective Schools illustrates the culture and conditions necessary to implement effective professional learning, examining strategies for effective leadership, the roles of learning communities and professional learning teams and the concept of a performance and development culture.

View Article...

The New Zealand Best Evidence Synthesis program

Adrienne Alton-Lee
New Zealand’s Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis program collects and disseminates research on how to improve social and academic outcomes for diverse learners – AARE 2005 Conference. View Abstract...

Governance: when push comes to shove

Tim Hawkes, David Loader, Audrey Jackson
Strong relationships are needed between a school principal, a school council and the chair of the council – Teacher. View Abstract...

Student motivation and engagement

Department of Education Science and Training
The Schooling Issues Digest summarises current research on ways to deepen students' interest and involvement in learning activities. View Abstract...

The overdominance of computers

Lowell W. Monke
Schools need to compensate for students' hi-tech lifestyle rather than intensify it, especially in the early years, and the teaching of ICT should include attention to its social impact – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

Navigating the maze of hypertext

Mary McNabb
We should move beyond the 'myth of teen competence' in Internet use and teach students the skills they need for high-quality reading comprehension and research on the Web – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...