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Why the study of education matters

Lyn Yates
In the late 20th century, it had become fashionable to argue that teachers can learn most of what they need to know by being in schools. Now, however, the tide has turned and the call is for education to draw on research to do things more effectively. While Australian education research is extremely highly regarded and used internationally, it faces new challenges. These are about how to do things better and about what we need to be teaching to develop new thinkers, and good citizens, and the type of lifelong learning needed in the future. View Article...

Beginning teachers reflect on their preservice education

John Buchanan
Universities should do more to prepare teachers for classroom realities, but the simple division between theory and practice masks more subtle issues – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

Technology Together

Renata Phelps, Paul Thornton
A trial PD project in New South Wales is encouraging teachers to learn more about ICT as many of their students do, through self-driven, collaborative play – Australian Educational Leader. View Abstract...

The Web as a K-12 information resource

Els Kuiper, Monique  Volman, Jan Terwel
As a resource for student learning, the Web calls for inquiry-based activities and critical literacy skills – Review of Educational Research.View Abstract...

Commercialized schools in the USA

Alex Molnar, David Garcia
The rise of school commercialism in the USA has led to concerns that students' vulnerability to marketing is being exploited, with negative consequences for their education and wellbeing – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...