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Curriculum Leadership will not be published on 7 July 2006 due to term breaks in some states. The next edition will appear 14 July 2006.

A response to the proposal for an Australian Certificate of Education

Geoff Riordan
The proposal for an Australian Certificate of Education, recently articulated in an ACER report, is welcome, but needs to be integrated with a national curriculum and not added as a 10th certificate or layered over the top of existing arrangements. There is currently an incremental movement towards a national approach to school education. However, such incremental change may, either by design or neglect, make the achievement of an Australian curriculum more difficult for future generations by deflecting attention and resources away from the larger, more important goal. View Article...

Teaching Australia Standards Statement: Our Profession – Our Future

Special report 
Teaching Australia has been established to be the national body for the teaching profession, promoting quality teaching and school leadership for the benefit of all Australians. As a strong unifying body acting in the interests of teachers and school leaders, we are working to bring greater recognition and acknowledgement of the high quality of the teaching profession in Australia. This document sets the scene for the teaching profession to engage in the development of national professional standards. View Article...

The Le@rning Federation, English and literacy

Peter Freebody, David McRae, Kelly Freebody
Schools trialling the use of TLF learning objects report high levels of interest and support from teachers, students and parents – English in AustraliaView Abstract...

The politics of the English curriculum

David Freesmith
The attacks on Critical Literacy in The Australian newspaper are laden with conservative, nationalist and Eurocentric ideology – English in AustraliaView Abstract...