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Re-examining Management by Walking Around

Neil MacNeill, Ray Boyd
How the principal chooses to use the skills, knowledge and power of his/her position is the essence of leadership. All three principals discussed in this article were acutely aware of the intensification of work with regards to accountability in the current educational climate, and the paperwork this generates. However, each had decided that support for pedagogic development, rather than administrivia, was the most important aspect of their role. To accomplish this, they needed to be in classrooms and the school grounds. View Article...

Principals under pressure

Ted Myers
New programs from Sydney's Catholic Education Office are helping school leaders deal with intensifying workload and a growing range of demands – Teacher View Abstract...

ELs . . . the right answer

Greg Barnes
Tasmania's Essential Learnings framework represents a way forward for school education and should not be abandoned as a result of conservative, populist opposition – The Mercury. View Abstract...

Shaping school leadership in Australia

Simon Clarke
Australia's education systems are moving towards a national approach to the professional development of school leaders – School Leadership and Management View Abstract...

The ripple effect: how school competition can cripple communities

Andy Hargreaves, Dean Fink
School leaders need to take responsibility for the impact their school’s actions have on other schools around them – Educational LeadershipView Abstract...

The fallacy of laissez-faire leadership

Alan Barnett, Herbert W Marsh, Rhonda Craven
A study finds that some aspects of school functioning can be sustained or even improved when the principal does not play a leadership role – 2005 AARE ConferenceView Abstract...