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Peer abuse as child abuse and indications for intervention in schools

Jean Healey
Peer abuse in the form of bullying is now recognised as an endemic feature of school life, and in terms of impact, outcomes and intervention requirements it can be equated with other forms of child abuse. It is more prevalent than many other forms of behaviour that have recently come to be understood as child abuse. The parallels between peer abuse and more generally accepted forms of child abuse must be recognised and addressed with some urgency. View Article...

Quality technology in the language classroom

Dawne Yule
The potential value of ICT in the LOTE classroom has been highlighted in the findings from a survey of beginning teachers, who had been trained in the use of technology for foreign language learning  – Babel View Abstract...

Multilevel analysis of PISA 2000 reading results for the UK

Graham Thorpe
A student's learning outcomes are more likely to reflect their family's socioeconomic status than whether they attend public or independent schools, according to a research analysis in Britain – School Effectiveness and School Improvement View Abstract...

The current state of middle schooling

Martin Dowson, Michael Ross, Carissa Donovan, Garry Richards, Kate Johnson
A literature review had identified eight key elements associated with successful middle schooling – 2005 AARE conference.View Abstract...

What are the imperatives for the middle years?

Sue Burvill-Shaw
Research has identified a range of useful approaches to improving student learning in early adolescence – Leadership in Focus.View Abstract...