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Principals' pedagogic obsolescence: re-assessing what is important in schools

Neil MacNeill, Rob Cavanagh
Principals are in danger of pedagogic obsolescence as the pressure to focus on the administrative component of their jobs deprives them of the opportunity to teach. In Australia, the change in nomenclature from head teacher to principal was accompanied by the emergence of a stereotypical view of the principal as the senior person in the office, attending to financial and staffing issues. Education is sadly in need of courageous school leaders who will challenge this trend and lead pedagogic change in schools from the front. View Article...

Aspirant principals and school-based selection

Peter Gronn, Kathy Lacey
The selection process for principal class positions creates significant and unnecessary barriers to the career paths of aspirants to school leadership – Australian Journal of Education. View Abstract...

School leadership in context: narratives of practice and possibility

Jenny Gordon, Jean A Patterson
School leadership crucially depends on context and is invariably negotiated between the principal and school community – International Journal of Leadership in Education. View Abstract...

The problems with teaching History

Kerry Wood
History teaching should develop sequentially across year levels, use an inquiry-oriented approach rather than rote learning, and situate Australia's history within a wider knowledge of world events – Agora.View Abstract...

Sustaining whole-school change

Debra Hayes
A project has investigated and supported sustainable processes for whole-school change in four New South Wales schools facing challenging circumstances – 2005 AARE Conference.View Abstract...