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The Essential Learnings curriculum in Tasmania

Michael Watt
While the constructs of Tasmania's Essential Learnings Framework have been influenced by outcomes-based education, the essential learnings have their origins in curriculum thinking refined over a long period by the State's Department of Education. They are supported by a research base encompassing child development, brain activity and intelligence. However, the Essential Learnings Framework fails to give sufficient prominence to the core academic areas. The assessment system relies heavily on individual teacher’s assessments, raising concerns about consistency. View Article...

Researching the shortage of school principals

Karin Barty, Pat Thomson, Jill Blackmore, Judyth Sachs
A study in Victoria and South Australia finds many influences on the willingness of potential candidates to apply for a position as principal – The Australian Educational Researcher. View Abstract...

Producing quality research and indicators of research in Australia

Lyn Yates
The education research community needs to develop and promote quality indicators relating to their work – 2005 AARE Conference. View Abstract...

Legal perspectives on bullying

Alastair Nicholson
The legal system is a last resort for dealing with bullying, but schools should be aware of their legal options and obligations – Teacher.View Abstract...

A thousand words: promoting teachers' visual literacy skills

Mary Burns
It is important to cultivate ‘visual literacy’ in schools, so that students are able to construct meaning critically from visual texts.  – MMISchools.View Abstract...