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Catalytic teachers’ roles in pedagogic change

Steffan Silcox, Neil MacNeill
Often, in implementing change, a school’s leadership will use selected staff as catalysts for the renewal of a school’s pedagogic practices. These catalytic teachers share insights with other teachers, and take part in distributed leadership. They are groundbreakers in terms of learning and teaching practice, and have internal and, sometimes, external credibility. Catalytic teachers are opinion leaders, important in establishing the critical mass for change. Such staff can become great allies in changing existing staff attitudes towards the learning and teaching function in a whole-of-school context. View Article...

Teacher aptitude research challenged

Barbara Preston
Earlier this year, influential research found a decline in the academic ability of new teachers and student teachers in Australia, but the current article finds key errors in the study's research method – Education Review. View Abstract...

The merits of merit pay for teachers

Steve Dinham
The best way to reward teachers' performance is through an external evaluation process using a professional standards framework – Education Review. View Abstract...

Perceptions of preservice teacher preparation for literacy teaching in Australian schools

William Louden, Mary Rohl
A study examines educators' views as to how well new teachers are prepared to teach literacy at primary and secondary levels – Literacy. View Abstract...

Co-principals: characteristics of dual leadership teams

Ellen Wexler Eckman
Some US schools are using co-principalship models to reduce stress and increase effectiveness in school leadership – Leadership and Policy in Schools.View Abstract...

Teacher education in England: 23 years of progress?

David Wray
Teacher education in England has seen a shift away from instruction in pedagogy and educational theory, toward a narrower focus on practical skills – Journal of Education for Teaching.View Abstract...