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Designing a Thinking Curriculum

ACER review 
Designing a Thinking Curriculum provides education professionals with ideas for the implementation of the thinking curriculum in their schools. Aimed at curriculum coordinators, education authority policymakers and teachers, the book comprises commentary and advice from leading experts in the field. Teacher educators and curriculum consultants describe how they have been influenced by theorists, their use of appropriate cognitive theories, and strategies they have developed that will assist teachers to foster higher order thinking skills in their students. The authors suggest strategies for accommodating a variety of student learning styles and provide guidelines for establishing supportive school structures to implement the curriculum. View Article...

School libraries and VELS

Ross Todd
The VELS offer  teacher-librarians a timely and valuable way to redefine their role by linking the teaching of information literacy more closely with subject content in each discipline – Synergy. View Abstract...

What teachers mean by 'learner-centred'

Cynthia Paris, Barbara Combs
Three teachers' personal histories give new depth to the meaning of learner-centred education – Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice. View Abstract...

When a family quits your school

Linda Vining
Schools benefit by gaining accurate information from parents who have withdrawn their children, but the issue requires delicate management – Australian Educational Leader.View Abstract...

The Resilient Families program

Alison Shortt, John Toumbourou, et al.
A trial program in Melbourne has highlighted the challenges in developing inter-family support networks when such links have not been part of the culture of a school community – Youth Studies Australia.View Abstract...