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Consumer and financial literacy

Grahame Crough
Consumer and financial literacy has been recognised as an important life skill nationally. The National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework, developed for MCEETYA, is designed to provide guidance to developers of curriculum materials and to aid in the professional development of all teachers of consumer and financial literacy. The Financial Literacy Foundation is currently developing a national professional learning strategy and professional learning package to further this aim, in conjunction with State and Territory education systems, the Catholic and Independent sectors, Department of Education Science and Training and departments of Fair Trading. View Article...

England's National College for School Leadership

Dan Riley, Bill Mulford
After a strong performance around its original mission, the NCSL is now confronting a number of challenges – Journal of Educational Administration. View Abstract...

Teacher evaluation through peer assistance and review

Jennifer Goldstein
Under the Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) model, experienced teachers rather than principals are assigned to help and evaluate new or poorly performing teachers – American Journal of Education. View Abstract...

Language education, identities and citizenship

Hugh Starkey
Foreign language teaching should dispense with the illusion of unchanging, monolithic national cultures – Language and Intercultural Communication.View Abstract...

The Test of Word Reading Efficiency (TOWRE) used in an Australian context

Bruce Allen Knight, Susan A Galletly
Struggling readers can be helped by more attention to improving their skills in decoding words and phonemes, a task aided by the TOWRE assessment tool – Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities.View Abstract...