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Creating a literate school community

Marj Kirkland
Aquinas College, Gold Coast, has consolidated a range of literacy initiatives within a Whole School Literacy Plan and an accompanying Action Plan. The plan involves scaffolding and modelling written assignments across the key curriculum areas; teaching research and referencing skills in each key curriculum area; creating a reading culture through programs such as Literature Circles, Readers’ Cup and Australian Readers’ Challenge; and using data collection to assess and improve literacy programs. View Article...

Vocabulary assessment: what we know and what we need to learn

P David Pearson, Elfrieda H Hiebert, Michael L Kamil
The assessment of vocabulary needs to recognise subtleties within word knowledge, and the complex relationship between vocabulary knowledge and comprehension – Reading Research Quarterly. View Abstract...

Disrupting preconceptions: challenges to pre-service teachers' beliefs about ESL children

Michèle de Courcy
Teacher education must encourage more positive attitudes towards ESL in order to prepare young teachers for the linguistic diversity they will encounter – J of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. View Abstract...

School curriculum for the 21st century: a rough guide to a national curriculum

Peter Cole
A national curriculum should offer students the chance to develop a broad general knowledge of their world, without attempting to embrace all of what it taught – Curriculum Perspectives.View Abstract...

School curriculum for the 21st century

Bruce Wilson
Educators must engage seriously and effectively with the powerful community forces resisting radical curriculum reform – Curriculum Perspectives.View Abstract...