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Developing leadership capacity in the Hume Region, Victoria

Stephen Brown
In this increasingly complex education landscape, improvement is not accomplished by simply telling principals to achieve this or that. It involves capacity building. The Victorian education system has a strong role in leadership development, and in the Hume Region our focus is on supporting the development of instructional leadership. The region is rolling out a training program for its principals and assistant principals that will cover topics including numeracy, literacy, brain science and the learner, analysis and strategic use of data, negotiation skills, and strategic leadership of cultural change. View Article...

Self-evaluation and external accountability in school improvement

David Plowright
Schools need to generate and monitor their own improvement through effective internal processes, while also accommodating external accountability requirements – Educational Management Administration & Leadership. View Abstract...

Managing challenging behaviour

Schools can help young people with behavioural and social difficulties by implementing a consistent and effective behaviour management policy – ISQ Briefings View Abstract...

Lessons from Finnish school reform

Kari Ruoho, Joel Kivirauma
Provision for special needs students has contributed to Finland's success in school education – International Review of Education.View Abstract...

How to judge No Child Left Behind

Bruce Fuller, Joseph Wright, Kathryn Gesicki, Erin Kang
Grade 4 test scores in the USA have failed to rise or have risen more slowly since the introduction of the NCLB reforms – Educational Researcher.View Abstract...