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System assessment in Australia

Wendy Bodey
Many schools and individual teachers have embraced the value of assessement data to inform teaching and improve students' learning outcomes. Much of this enthusiasm can be attributed to the programs that systems and sectors have launched to support schools and teachers in the use of data. IT applications encourage and support the exploration and interrogation of data. Professional development has also been critical in developing the expertise required at the school level. It is important that we nurture and grow this thirst for data. Likewise, it is important to maintain and build the wealth of expertise and experience that has been developed by the use of such data across Australia. View Article...

Exploring scientific literacy in NSW

Debra Panizzon, Dagmar Arthur, John Pegg
The ESSA program in New South Wales is a system initiative that provides formative assessment for Year 8 science students, offering in-depth feedback for students, teachers and parents – Teaching Science. View Abstract...

Enhancing reporting of student performance data to increase school productivity

Ian Cosier
Analysis of assessment data from schools in northern Queensland challenges the assumption that Aboriginal students' literacy and numeracy are consistently lower than average – AARE Conference Papers 2005. View Abstract...

Inquiry into science classrooms: rhetoric or reality?

Denis Goodrum
A secondary science program proposes a way to bring inquiry-based learning more effectively into classrooms – ACER Research Conference 2006.View Abstract...

How can professional standards improve the quality of teaching and learning science?

Lawrence C Ingvarson, Anne Semple
Professional standards for science teachers in Australia can provide a basis to recognise high levels of effectiveness, which in turn offer grounds to reform pay systems so as to attract and retain highly accomplished science teachers – ACER Research Conference 2006.View Abstract...