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Starting primary school

Sue Dockett, Bob Perry

For many children the start to their school career is positive and exciting. For others it is challenging and disconcerting. For all children, it represents a change in their role, status and position within the community and a change in the experiences that are accessible to them. The families and educators involved in the transition to school also experience a mix of emotions as the move to school marks a change in the ways people connect with and relate to each other. By reconsidering what it means for everyone involved to be ‘ready’ to start school, many schools and their communities have enhanced their transition to school processes, to the benefit of all involved.

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Principals as teachers

Paul Browning, Jenny Williams, Mike Clapper, et al.

Principals discuss their teaching roles and other ways to stay in touch with classrooms – Independence.

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Job satisfaction and occupational stress in Catholic primary schools

John DeNobile, John McCormick

Staff from Catholic primary schools in New South Wales respond to survey on job satisfaction and occupational stress – Leading and Managing.

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Leading learning and leading teachers

Helen Gunter, Tanya Fitzgerald

The links between school leadership and student learning have been explored in a study of primary and secondary schools in England and New Zealand – Leading and Managing.

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Introducing narrative in history classes

Kate Hawkey

History teaching should engage students while also developing their skills in rich historical narratives – Curriculum Inquiry.

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The challenge of educational disadvantage

Heather Varcin, Fiona Laing, Marilyn Hamill, et al.

A Queensland Government iniatiative is helping literacy education in public schools serving low-SES, high-NESB communities – Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.

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