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The Le@rning Federation digital content and the pre-service education sector

Olivia Clarke

The Le@rning Federation has developed a web-based digital content repository for staff and students in pre-service education faculties in Australia and New Zealand. The repository provides access to more than 6,200 interactive learning objects and digitised photos, maps, film clips, posters, digitised artworks, sound files of speeches, songs and interviews, and documents. These materials will help teacher educators meet the challenges and demands of the Australian Government's digital revolution in schools. Pre-service staff and students will have the opportunity to develop curriculum activities which integrate the digital content in learning and assessment tasks within a comprehensive range of subject domains.

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Initial Summit Report

Discussions at the Australia 2020 Summit have been documented in a preliminary report, in which topics relevant to school education are addressed under themes including national productivity, health and nutrition, local community development, climate change, science, the arts, Indigenous issues, and support for rural regions.

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Damn good statistics

Ian Wong

The ABS is conducting a detailed national survey of students, providing valuable data for use in the classroom – Teacher

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Learning to become somebody well

Johanna Wyn

As traditional structures of social support decline, the education system should give more emphasis to the health and wellbeing of young people – Australian Educational Researcher.

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Setting the course

Rebecca Leech

The forthcoming national curriculum offers a range of benefits for school education in Australia – Professional Educator.

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