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Connecting schools and communities

Kim Dunphy

At the end of June, a series of three conferences in Victoria will explore the relationships of schools with their local communities. These one-day events will examine the opportunities and challenges in school–community partnerships, and showcase interesting local, national and international initiatives. Schools are increasingly called upon to contribute to the general wellbeing of children and build or nurture community links, but face the competing pressure to enhance their core educational role. The forthcoming conferences will explore these and other issues.

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A digital education revolution

Julia Gillard

The Australian Government Minister for Education describes the Government's billion dollar Digital Education Revolution package – EQ Australia.

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Family literacy

Vicky Zygouris-Coe

Family literacy programs and resources can have a substantial positive impact on students' literacy levels – Reading Horizons.

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Revisiting VET in schools

Robin Ryan

VET in schools should be reconceived as part of much broader changes to senior secondary schooling, in which work experience is integrated more closely into learning for all students – Campus Review.

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Rethinking school readiness

Research has identified a range of social conditions that facilitate children's transition to school – Policy Brief.

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