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Value-Added Measures for School Improvement

Sandra Mahar

The term ‘value-added’ can be used to describe the additional value or contribution a school makes to the learning outcomes of students. Value-added measures aim to adjust student scores to cancel out non-school influences, such as a student’s background and prior attainments, to provide a more accurate indication of the influence the school has had on their students. A new research report, Value-Added Measures for School Improvement, has been prepared by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Victoria. The report discusses the concept of ‘value added’ measures and shares recent international research on various models being adopted.

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Acting to improve outcomes for Indigenous students

Paul Hughes, Gavin Khan, Susan Matthews

Three Indigenous educators discuss ways that school leaders can improve the learning opportunities of Indigenous students – 2007 ACER Research Conference.

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Learning gender in primary school playgrounds

Carrie Paechter, Sheryl Clark

Playground equipment has a key role in sustaining physical activity levels of girls – Pedagogy, Culture and Society.

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