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Rethinking the transition to school


In this article the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Centre for Community Child Health summarises the research evidence on issues surrounding children’s transition to school, including strategies which aim to make it a smooth and successful process for children and their families. Evidence supports the closer integration of early childhood and school curricula, through common curriculum frameworks, strengthened administrative links and co-teaching arrangements. Integrated programs that share staff, curricula and premises should be supported by policy and funding at all levels of government. Both early years services and schools should also seek to become more family-friendly, creating spaces where families and staff can mingle to effectively support each child’s learning.

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Neuromythologies in education

John Geake

A range of popular educational theories have misapplied the findings of neuroscience – Educational Research.

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School-based obesity prevention initiatives

Deana Leahy, Lyn Harrison

As an industry grows around obesity prevention programs in schools, students may be receiving mixed messages about health and body image – ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal.

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Changing classroom practice through England's National Literacy Strategy

Adam Lefstein

A study of interactions between a Grade 6 teacher and his students illustrates the challenges that arise in translating education policy reforms to classroom practice – American Educational Research Journal.

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Cross-cultural analysis of exceptional maths students

Titu Andreescu, Joseph A. Gallian, Jonathan M. Kane, Janet E. Mertz

Some countries are far more effective than others in identifying and nurturing boys and girls with high mathematical ability – Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

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