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Is time up for ability grouping?

Doug Clarke, Barbara Clarke

Our observations, conversations with teachers and students, and our reading of the research literature have convinced us that ability grouping in mathematics is a major impediment to the mathematical learning of students and their beliefs about themselves as mathematical thinkers. Any benefits which accrue from ability grouping are only to very high achievers. For average and low-attaining students, ability grouping has a largely negative effect, cognitively and affectively.

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The role of teachers in top performing schools

Three elements distinguish the countries with top-performing school education systems – ISQ Briefings.

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Visual literacy in the primary classroom

Stephen Arthurson, Helen Cozmescu

In Melbourne a Grade 4 teacher and a lecturer in language and literacy have developed a framework for teaching visual literacy in the classroom – Practically Primary

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Mathematics and cognition

Arthur Hyde

Maths teaching is enhanced when teachers weave language, cognition and mathematics together – Educational Leadership.

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What's right about looking at what's wrong?

Deborah Schifter

A seminar for primary teachers in the USA challenges teachers to reflect on their own learning processes in maths – Educational Leadership.

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