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Young people, popular culture and reading

Karen Brooks

Educators need to equip our students to become literate readers of corporate and popular culture and consumers who can make informed choices. To do so, however, educators themselves need to comprehend the roles of advertising, brands, logos and visual media in young people’s lives. It is also essential for educators to be conversant with various forms of digital technology, such as multimedia, the Internet and electronic games, and to teach students to comprehend and critique them.

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Embedding information literacy into classrooms

Isobel Williams

A high school in Tasmania has embedded information literacy and ICT into classroom teaching, while also adapting to major changes in the State curriculum – ASLA 2007 Conference.

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Raising profiles

Alison Pick, Helen Schutz

Two teacher librarians describe their methods to develop students' information literacy and demonstrate their role to other school staff – ASLA 2007 Conference.

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Learning 2.0: all about play!

Helene Blowers

A new online program helps school library staff gain confidence in using Web 2.0 technologies – Synergy.

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Teacher education and multicultural, multilingual students

Kip Tellez

Three phases of reforms in teacher education since the 1960s are assessed on how well they cater to the needs of multicultural and multilingual learners – Teachers and Teaching.

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