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Improving languages education

Angela Scarino

Teaching and Learning Languages: A Guide is a new resource designed to promote reflection on language education, including languages programs, and the roles and pedagogical approaches of language teachers. It recognises the link between language, culture, and identity, and promotes the understanding of how teachers' and students' identities and experiences inform their teaching and learning, as well as the importance of developing intercultural capability, the ability to negotiate meaning across diverse social and linguistic contexts.

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Reinventing school leadership: the OECD report

Louise Watson

Policy to improve school leadership needs to address problems caused by devolution of managerial responsibilities to principals, and the constraints imposed by accountability mechanisms – Leading and Managing.

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Rewarding high-quality teaching

Gerard Calnin

Seven independent schools in Victoria are participating in a pilot to explore how standards can be applied to measure the quality of teaching – Professional Educator.

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Preparing classroom teachers for ELLs

Tamara Lucas, Ana María Villegas, Margaret Freedson-Gonzalez

A core set of principles and practices can assist educators to teach English language learners – Journal of Teacher Education.

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When fortune fades

Miki Perkins

Australia’s ability to make the most of its ties to Asia in terms of trade, policy and diplomacy could be undermined by low levels of graduates fluent in the region’s languages – The Age.

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