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Designs for a child-friendly city

Karen Malone

Ideally, towns and cities should be sites where children socialise, observe and learn how society functions. They should also be places where children can find refuge, discover nature, and find tolerant and caring adults who will encourage them to explore and wonder about their world. A generation ago, children were far more likely to play independently in their own neighbourhood than they are today. The child's right to free play in a city is something we may be giving away too lightly.

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Successful school principalship, evaluation and accountability

Bill Mulford, Bill Edmunds, Lawrie Kendall, et al.

Accountability measures improve students results most effectively when principals have scope for critical appraisal and local initiative – Leading and Managing.

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Texas school reformers try to learn lessons from Finland

Jim Landers

Finland is 'the land where no child is left behind' – Dallas News.

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Indigenous education outcomes

Peter Buckskin

Indigenous education needs to be brought into the mainstream, while mainstream education needs to be informed by greater awareness of Indigenous culture – Curriculum Corporation 2008 Conference.

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Equipping every learner for the 21st century

Michael Stevenson

'Education 3.0' describes the skills required in a 21st-century workforce – Curriculum Corporation 2008 Conference.

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