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Mobile phones and language learning


This week Curriculum Leadership reviews the second of two reports on the role of mobile phones in student learning. This article is adapted from a report prepared by The Le@rning Federation on the Mobile Application for Language Learning project, which investigated the use of mobile phones to develop secondary students' conversational use of Indonesian. Trialled in 11 schools across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, the project's results suggest the value of a more broad-based use for mobile phones in teaching languages and other subjects.

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Computer Assisted Learning

A longitudinal study has examined the impact of ICT in secondary school business and economics courses in England – Curriculum Journal.

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Culturally oriented learning with ICT

Nektaria Palaiologou

Access to ICT and networked learning needs to be improved in non-Western societies and for ethnic minorities within the West – Pedagogy, Culture and Society.

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A model for research-based state professional development policy

Allan Luke, Felicity McArdle

Drawing on a literature review, the authors propose a model for selecting, devising, and evaluating teacher PD programs – Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education.

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Headteacher preparation programmes in England and Scotland

Michael Cowie, Megan Crawford

A study has examined the impact of principal preparation programs in preparing principals for their new roles – School Leadership Management.

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