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A residency approach to teacher education

Tim McDonald

Next year the School of Education at Edith Cowan University will pilot a Teacher Residency Program for graduate teacher education students, as an innovative means to recruit, prepare and retain quality teachers. The program pairs university coursework with extended periods of school placement. It will allow participating schools and teachers to work alongside university staff in determining what aspiring teachers need to know and experience, and is designed to create a more authentic setting for pre-service education and provide a greater integration of theory and practice. The initiative will help to develop a generation of teachers who are school-ready from day one and have the capacity to enhance the academic and social abilities of all students they teach.

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New teachers' socialisation into school culture

Lorenzo Cherubini

A literature review examines new teachers' socialisation into school culture – Issues in Educational Research.

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Six steps to better vocabulary instruction

Robert J. Marzano

Effective ways to implement research findings are examined through the example of vocabulary teaching – Educational Leadership.

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Assistant Principal Teaching: a case study

Chris Welch

An AP position dedicated to the enhancement of teaching quality has improved learning and classroom behaviour at a large secondary school in NSW – Australian Educational Leader.

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Evidence about school size effects

Kenneth A. Leithwood, Doris Jantzi

A literature review examines the effects of school size on learning and other outcomes – Review of Educational Research.

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