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Why teach Positive Education in schools?

Mathew White

Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School is a whole school approach to teaching and learning from kindergarten to the final years of senior school. It aims to increase the experience of positive emotions in our students and to encourage them to engage their strengths for personal and community goals. It is closely linked to the school's Positive Psychology programs in Year 7 and Year 10, which have been written by prominent psychologists in collaboration with our teachers.

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Why self-discipline is overrated

Alfie Kohn

Self-discipline is a good quality only when it is governed by internal choice and judgement, and guided by one’s system of values – Phi Delta Kappan.

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Teaching twenty-first century science

Pam Hanley, Jonathan Osborne, Mary Ratcliffe

In England researchers have evaluated a secondary science course designed to enhance students' scientific literacy – School Science Review.

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The Facebook generation: homework as social networking

Stacey M Kitsis

Students can develop their subject knowledge and communication skills by reviewing each others' homework online – English Journal.

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Using electronic discussion in VCE English

Kathy Jordan

Online student discussion of coursework can have academic benefit, but its value and practicality depends on context – English in Australia.

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