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How teachers are adapting to a computerised world

Joanne Orlando

The introduction of information and communication technologies into schools has not been accompanied by a wholesale introduction of new styles of teaching and learning, as sometimes expected. New technologies are influencing school life, but their take-up has been mediated by factors such as the way that the curriculum is organised at school level, teachers’ beliefs about the role of ICT, teachers’ levels of expertise, and teachers’ opportunities for professional development. In Sydney five teachers working at government primary or secondary schools have taken part in a longitudinal study of the impact of ICT on teaching practices.

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Leadership for change in low-performing schools

Margaret Terry Orr, Barbara Berg, Rima Shore, Ellen Meier

The authors draw lessons from their evaluations of four persistently failing schools in New York City – Education and Urban Society.

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Moving beyond talk

Debra Smith, Bruce Wilson, Dick Corbett

Collaborative learning communities provide a forum for teacher learning and for collective action that can bring about change – Educational Leadership.

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Access to upper-level mathematics for African American middle school boys

Robert Q. Berry

A study of eight highly achieving African American boys points to key protective factors against discrimination and social disadvantage – Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.

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Teaching Australian writing: polemics and priorities

Larissa McLean Davies

In suitable form, the teaching of Australian literature can help students develop a sense of belonging and identity in a globalised world – Idiom.

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