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Rural teaching: over the hill is not so far away

Suzanne Hudson, Jan Millwater

Many pre-service teachers are reluctant to undertake a practicum at a rural or remote school, and do not consider applying for country teaching positions when they graduate. Some pre-service teachers may be more willing to take on rural teaching roles if they are reassured about their personal and social opportunities. To this end, QUT has been involved in trial programs designed to provide student teachers with first-hand experience of teaching and living in a rural location. These brief experiences of social immersion have helped participating student teachers to decide if they are suited to rural teaching, and many have been persuaded that 'over the hill' is not, after all, so very far away.

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Benefits and disadvantages of sharing the principalship

Karen Starr

Schools considering a departure from single principalship need to consider the risks and opportunities attached to the different models for sharing of the role – The Australian Educational Leader.

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Defining quality instruction for school improvement

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

The barriers that school leaders sometimes face in talking to classroom teachers about teaching methods can be reduced by a well-designed instructional framework – The Australian Educational Leader.

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Enabling teachers to become pedagogical leaders

Joy Oon Ai Chew, Dorothy Andrews

Case studies in Queensland and Singapore describe the IDEAS program for school improvement, which places pedagogy at the centre of the improvement process and encourages parallel leadership among the teaching body – Educational Research for Policy and Practice.

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Teacher and child talk in active learning and whole-class contexts

Joan Martlew, Sue Ellis, Christine Stephen, Jennifer Ellis

Active learning approaches can facilitate language development by encouraging increased levels of talk between students – Literacy.

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