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Keeping Connected

Hannah Walker

Young people with chronic illness or accident trauma often miss schooling due to hospitalisation, lengthy outpatient visits or time spent unwell at home. These individuals tend nevertheless to be articulate, knowledgeable and capable, and keen to establish and maintain everyday personal identities. The Keeping Connected project has recently investigated the experiences and needs of young people with chronic health problems, through case studies of 31 individuals. Researchers also interviewed parents, health professionals and educators from schools across Victoria who have dealt with the chronically ill young people. The article draws out a number of implications for schools from the research.

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Composition across secondary and post-secondary contexts

Sarah W. Beck

Secondary students need opportunities to learn the cognitive, textual and social dimensions of writing – Cambridge Journal of Education.

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Programming for oral reading fluency

Jennifer M. Silber, Brian K. Martens

Multiple exemplar instruction is a time-efficient instructional approach that can result in substantial literacy gains – Journal of Behavioral Education.

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The Australian science curriculum and the nature of science

Norman Lederman, Judith Lederman

Understanding the nature of science is an important element of scientific literacy, and deserves close attention in Australia's national science curriculum – Curriculum Perspectives.

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Discussing STEM careers with students

Meris Stansbury

Science, technology and maths education needs to find ways to inform and interest students in STEM-based careers – eSchool News.

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