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A library without books?

Mal Lee

There is a vital and growing need for information professionals with a strong understanding of teaching and learning to play a central role in the school's operations. The standing of the teacher librarian position, rightly or wrongly, is closely correlated to that staff member's success in integrating the latest information technologies into the school's educational program. Teacher librarians who have moved from the traditional model of the school library to the creation of an information services unit are today generally very well positioned to continue to play a significant role in schooling.

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School improvement and reform: consistency, innovation and capacity

Vic Zbar

Successful innovations at eight disadvantaged Victorian schools suggest contructive ways to launch the reform process – CSE Occasional Papers.

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Big tests: what ends do they serve?

Gerald Bracey

The effectiveness of school performance is best measured by assessments closely linked to the instruction taking place, rather than by results of large-scale national or international tests – Educational Leadership.

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Building school science curricula and courses

Michael McGarry

An experienced science head of department discusses issues involved in curriculum design – Curriculum Perspectives.

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Teaching refugee learners in science

Jennifer Miller

Specially developed vocabulary support materials can help scaffold ESL refugee students' science learning – International Journal of Science Education

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