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Accountability and improved student achievement

Kelvin Canavan

This article explores a case study of school system and whole-school accountability, couched in terms of staff professional performance indicators, that has been implemented in Sydney Catholic Education Office schools. These schools' strong performance in Statewide examinations has been accompanied by the development of a culture characterised by a strong emphasis on accountability and ongoing review. This form of accountability is argued to be both professionally transparent and robust, as well as conducive to increased professional activity and student outcomes.

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Where are we going with technology and what does it mean for pedagogy?

Independent Schools Queensland 

Schools have a number of strategies open to them to incorporate the forthcoming waves of change in ICT – ISQ Briefings.

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Principals' responses to test-based accountability

Stacey A. Rutledge

Systemic and government pressure to improve student reading scores generates different responses, and results, at two disadvantaged schools in Chicago – Leadership and Policy in Schools

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Scaffolding in middle school mathematics: managing the dilemma of telling

Juliet A Baxter, Steven Williams

Learner-centred approaches to maths should still allow for strategic interventions by the teacher – Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.

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Didactical designs for students' proportional reasoning

Takeshi Miyakawa, Carl Winslow

The authors examine and compare the lesson study method used in Japan, and the French design known as didactical engineering, as approaches in Grade 6 maths – Educational Studies in Mathematics.

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