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Professional standards for teaching school geography

Jeana Kriewaldt, Dianne Mulcahy

A recently completed project has sought to identify the characteristics of accomplished geography teaching and develop a set of standards for the teaching of geography in Australian schools. A distinctive feature of the research, and the main focus of this article, was the incorporation of student perspectives on the nature of high quality geography teaching. For the project, researchers observed the classroom practices of a range of high-performing geography teachers, supplemented by interviews with teachers and students. The project involved eight schools across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia representing all three sectors and both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas.

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Innovative practice in middle years literacy, NSW

Frances Plummer, Melissa Nyholm, Stacey Quince, Meg Dione

The article describes three professional learning projects in NSW that have helped teachers to prepare students for the literacy demands in Years 5 to 9 – Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.

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Coherence and continuity in literacy learning and the middle years

Rosemary McLoughlin

The Catholic Education Office Melbourne has introduced a new learning and teaching framework, building on the results of its Middle Years Literacy Project over the last eight years – Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.

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To learn or not to learn

Vivienne Collinson

A case study in the USA shows the problems that can arise when a highly regarded school system blocks innovation – Leadership and Policy in Schools.

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Putting the "boy crisis" in context

Michael Sadowski

Boys' literacy levels need to be studied in specific local contexts, and also related to wider patterns of literacy learning that extend beyond gender differences – Harvard Education Letter.

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