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Good Starts for refugee youth

Special report 

The Good Starts Study for Refugee Youth is a Melbourne-based longitudinal study of 120 of young people from refugee backgrounds. The study sought evidence about their experiences, attitudes and social supports to inform efforts to support their well-being in Australia. The article describes aspects of the research most directly related to these young people's experience of schooling. It reports on their experiences attending an English Language School during their first year in Australia and their subsequent transition into mainstream secondary schools.

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Urban middle school students’ perceptions of the value and difficulty of inquiry

William Sandoval, Aletha Harven

A study finds that some aspects of inquiry-based learning are particularly effective in motivating Year 7 students to learn science – Journal of Science Education and Technology.

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Teaching with interactive whiteboards

Robert J. Marzano

Coupled with an appropriate pedagogy, interactive whiteboards are valuable tools to improve student learning – Educational Leadership.

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The characteristics of school districts that have closed the achievement gap

Kenneth Leithwood

A literature review examines the key characteristics of school districts in the USA that have sucessfully 'closed the gap' – Leadership and Policy in Schools.

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Pre-service teachers in leadership roles

Jan Millwater, Lisa C. Ehrich

The position of intern, or associate teacher, can introduce pre-service teachers to leadership roles within a school – ATEA conference 2009.

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