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A curriculum for a data rich world

Gai Mooney

The ability to understand and apply data is now widely required in the workplace and in everyday citizenship, and the importance of statistical literacy is recognised by Australian education systems and teachers of school mathematics. The need for further attention to this issue is underlined, however, by findings about current levels of students' statistical literacy. Other issues of concern include falls in the numbers of statisticians, and of students undertaking statistics courses in universities. Recent research has examined how best to teach statistical concepts, and the level of statistical ideas appropriate for each stage of schooling. The evidence gathered from these studies offers ways to build on the work schools are currently undertaking to help students improve their statistical literacy.

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From instructional leadership to leadership capabilities

Viviane Robinson

Case studies of instructional leadership point to a range of qualities that characterise an effective leader – Leadership and Policy in Schools.

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Coordinating procedural and conceptual knowledge to make sense of word equations

Keith S. Taber, Pat Bricheno

The issues raised by chemical word equations have been examined through a study of 300 secondary students in Britain – International Journal of Science Education.

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Teacher-evaluation systems in the USA

Stephen Sawchuck

Education districts in the USA are exploring schemes designed to extend the sophistication of teacher performance monitoring, and link results to pay, promotion and professional development – Education Week.

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Expressing the spiritual in the secular curriculum

Monica Bini

The spiritual can be understood in secular as well as religious terms, and in the curriculum it should not be confined to faith-based contexts – ACSA 2009 Conference.

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