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Maths and complex learning

Lyn D English

There is unprecedented worldwide demand for mathematical solutions to complex problems. That demand has generated a further call to update mathematics education in a way that develops students’ abilities to deal with complex systems. We need to make the mathematical experiences we include for our students more challenging, authentic and meaningful. Developing students’ abilities to work creatively with and generate mathematical knowledge, as distinct from working creatively on tasks that simply provide the required knowledge, is especially important in preparing our students for success in a knowledge-based economy.

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Developing comprehension: learning to make meaning

Trevor Cairney

Seven important principles can be applied to support a varied and rich approach to teaching comprehension – e:update.

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Connecting to the worlds of work

John Kilner, Martin Conboy, Rosalyn Black

The Worlds of Work program helps Year 10 students to familiarise themselves with future opportunities and expectations in the workplace – Primary & Middle Years Educator.

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Young children’s early modelling with data

Lyn D English

A Queensland study highlights the value of teaching statistical reasoning to children in the early primary years – Mathematics Education Research Journal.

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Aligning national curriculum and the national goals of schooling

Peter Cole

Effective measures are needed in later years of schooling to ensure that all students emerge with the understandings they will need in later life – CSE Seminar Series.

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