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The Year 12 Science and Maths Academy at Flinders

Darlene Voss

The Year 12 Science and Maths Academy at Flinders (SMAF) is a pilot program based on a partnership between the university and seven schools in southern Adelaide. The program is designed to improve academic achievement in physics, chemistry and specialist mathematics, and to support students' subsequent transition to university. The SMAF provides a sophisticated and secure learning environment for school-aged students, as well as the opportunity for them to experience and preview university life. The chance for interactions with other like-minded students and Flinders University student mentors, in the adult learning environment of a university, provides students with new opportunities to understand their subjects and insights into future pathways, and inspires them to achieve their best.

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School leadership and external testing

Philip Pettit

A study of Catholic schools in NSW supports the need for classroom teachers to be involved in the analysis and application of test data for classroom practice – Leading and Managing.

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How to fix a skills shortage on your school board

Kate Costello

It is vital for school boards to achieve the right skill set, through training or recruitment – Teacher.

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Aligning theory and assessment of reading fluency

Melanie R Kuhn, Paula J Schwanenflugel, Elizabeth B Meisinger

Reading fluency is often linked too closely to automatic word recognition, with implications for assessment and instruction. Three experts examine the nature of reading fluency, and its relationship to automaticity and prosody – Reading Research Quarterly.

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Who's the boss?

Linda Belardi

The Australian Government's 'Locally Empowered Schools' initiative has generated a range of responses – Education Review.

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