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Enhancing national career information


Australia's current labour market is dynamic and shifting, creating both opportunities and constraints for its participants. To participate effectively in the labour market, individuals now need to be adaptive, future-oriented and holistic career managers, able to incorporate a range of individual and environmental factors into their decision-making processes. Career development in Australia made an encouraging move forward in May 2013, when the Australian Government released the National Career Development Strategy. The Strategy is a guiding framework for the delivery of career-development policy, services and resources, emphasising collaboration among stakeholders and a whole-of-life approach to career development. The Strategy will aim to address the current needs of Australians, through the collaborative effort of governments, business and industry, schools, and career-development practitioners, while also aiming to improve productivity in Australia. This report summarises aspects of the National Career Development Strategy, with a particular focus on enhancements being made to national career information that are of interest to the schooling community. In Australia, this area is delivered through myfuture, Australia's national, online career-information and exploration service.

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Tensions and dilemmas in leading Australia's schools

David Gurr, Lawrie Drysdale

The authors examine a number of tensions and dilemmas affecting Australian principals and other school leaders, as they relate to three broad issues affecting schools – School Leadership & Management.

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Independent state-funded schools: some reflections on recent developments

Christopher Chapman, Maija Salokangas

Federated chains of independent state-funded schools are an increasingly important component of education systems in a range of countries – School Leadership & Management.

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Education technology: catching on at last

After several false starts, education technology is laying the foundations for two key reforms to schooling – The Economist.

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Critical civics and citizenship education: what kind of 'active citizen'?

Joan DeJaeghere

Students are best served by a form of civics and citizenship education that empowers them to deal with the social issues they face in their current lives, and which allows for collective as well as individual activism – Curriculum Perspectives.

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