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he next edition of Curriculum Leadership is scheduled to appear 24 May 2013.

Teaching algebra conceptually in years 9 and 10

Chris Linsell, Lynn Tozer, Megan Anakin

Students in the early secondary years frequently struggle with introductory algebra, often due to the limited preparation they have received at the primary school level. Teachers need a sound knowledge of how to help students learn algebra and how to help them make up for gaps in their background knowledge of maths. In these respects, however, teachers themselves frequently need more extensive preparation. Perhaps as a result, algebra in schools is often reduced to rules for transforming and solving equations and these rules often seem meaningless to students. The article describes a project in New Zealand designed to address this issue: to explore and create teaching approaches that help students in years 9 and 10 to develop a conceptual understanding of algebra.

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A bold new math class

Salman Khan, Elizabeth Slavitt

The Khan Academy provides resources that facilitate new approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics – Educational Leadership.

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Technology: moving from no to yes

Larry Ferlazzo

While some teachers remain reluctant to adopt technology in their classrooms, tech-friendly peers can encourage them by suggesting easy first steps – Educational Leadership.

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Performance and development as a driver of teacher and school improvement

Graham Marshall, Vic Zbar

The paper describes the teacher performance and development processes at five schools, captured as case studies by AITSL – CSE Occasional Paper.

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Multimodal responses to literature in years 5–8: the Other worlds project

Lizzie Chase, et al.

The Other worlds project has provided resources to help students and teachers make use of Web 2.0 authoring tools for the creation of fiction and non-fiction in the middle years – Literacy Learning in the Middle Years.

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