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Looking at classroom practice

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership 

How do teachers improve their classroom performance? To help teachers and school leaders answer this question, AITSL has developed the Classroom Practice Continuum, supported by the resource guide Looking at Classroom Practice. The Continuum provides the basis for self-reflection, feedback and direction for improvement in classroom practice. It supports teachers to understand and talk with colleagues about their work and to engage in the kinds of conversations and collaborative work that encourages the sharing of knowledge and expertise. The Continuum is a positive tool to support growth, rather than a punitive tool to identify shortcomings. It assumes that all teachers can learn and develop their expertise over time, given appropriate support. AITSL is committed to supporting teachers and school leaders to grow their expertise. The Classroom Practice Continuum is a resource that should provide impetus for conversations in schools that include a focus on how teachers improve and develop their expertise in the classroom over time and the type of environments that promote and sustain their learning and growth.

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Promoting science and technology in primary education

Rens Gresnigt, et al.

A study has examined recent literature on projects that have integrated science and technology with mathematics and/or literacy, in the primary years – Studies in Science Education.

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Teacher effects on student achievement in first grade

Tinneke Boonen, et al.

Teachers' contributions to grade 1 students’ learning outcomes has been evaluated in a study of over 3000 Flemish children – School Effectiveness and School Improvement.

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What holds more and less effective teachers in a school?

Suzanne Rice

A large-scale Australian study has examined factors that encourage or discourage the retention of high-performing teachers, at both in primary and secondary levels – Educational Review.

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Nurturing the language skills of bilingual children

Misty Adoniou

Bilingual children’s knowledge of their mother tongues should be nurtured at school – The Conversation.

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