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Enhancing opportunities for all students in the sciences

Debra Panizzon

Australian students continue to perform well in the science tests conducted for the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), where only a small band of countries out-perform Australia. However, the science results of students in regional and rural schools are consistently and significantly lower than those of peers in the majority of metropolitan schools. Aside from equity issues, the lower achievement levels of these students make it harder to ensure an adequate supply of graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all of which are important for guaranteeing future economic prosperity in a competitive global economy. The article describes two projects that are addressing these problems by helping science teachers enhance the learning opportunities of their students. In both cases, high levels of collaboration among educators have been a key to success.

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School community collaborations: bringing authentic science into schools

John Cripps Clark, Russell Tytler, David Symington

Researchers examine collaborations between schools and community scientists, looking at various perspectives, goals and success factors – Teaching Science.

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STEM growth: getting students interested in the sciences

Deirdre Jackson

A new video game has been designed to raise participation in STEM subjects by young students, especially females and students from disadvantaged backgrounds – Research Developments.

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