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Language learning – selling point, springboard or scratching for ideas?

Jill Wilson

Schools establishing or re-establishing language programs face issues such as teacher availability, timetabling, what is taught at the neighbouring primary/secondary school, and the challenge of attracting students to senior elective classes. Some schools, however, are using their languages programs as the springboard for external promotion, with terms and tags such as ‘Trips, Tours & Exchanges’, ‘International Program’ and ‘Enrichment Opportunities’ appearing on their websites. The Language Learning Space (LLS) is a resource that supports schools and teachers looking to start or update language courses, and turn them into assets for the school. The LLS is targeted in particular to teachers and students of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. The site is accessed free of charge, and many professional learning resources are just a click away.

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Exploring emergent literacy development in a second language

Lydia LS  Chan, Kathy Sylva

The article reviews literature on young bilingual children's developments towards literacy, and proposes ‘a preliminary conceptual framework’ on how the issue may be addressed – Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

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Bilingual education in the United States: an historical overview and examination of two-way immersion

Yoon Kyong Kim, Lindsey A Hutchison, Adam Winsler

Two-way language immersion programs have been found to promote language proficiency, academic achievement and positive student attitudes toward school – Educational Review.

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Assessing vocabulary learning in early childhood

Jessica L Hoffman, William H Teale, Kathleen A Paciga

A study looks for effective ways to measure both the breadth and depth of young children’s vocabulary knowledge, and their general and specific word knowledge – Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

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The academic language development of first-grade emergent bilingual students

Audrey Lucero

A study examines the linguistic scaffolding that dual language education teachers apply to develop students’ academic language – Journal of Early Childhood Literacy.

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