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What's new

Report on education workforce released in WA

Western Australia's Minister for Education and Training Mark McGowan has released the State's new Education Workforce Initiatives Taskforce Report. The report, by Professor Lance Twomey, was commissioned by the Minister last year to look at issues facing the education workforce (both Government and non-Government), including the public training sector, over the long term. The report covers 15 major themes, including remuneration, leadership and mentoring, flexible learning, housing, vocational education and training, workload, and career progression. See Minister's media release 18 June 2008, article in The Australian 18 June 2008, and article in The West Australian 19 June 2008.

The State of Victoria’s Young People

The State of Victoria’s Young People is a new report released by the Victorian Government on how young Victorians aged 12–24 are faring. It focuses on their health, economic wellbeing, learning and employment, safety, protection, community engagement and civic participation. Year 12 completion rates are increasing steadily, and most young Victorians report feeling safe, being able to get help from their families when most in need, living in comfortable financial circumstances, and being in good health. See media release 19 June 2008 from Victoria's Children and Early Childhood Development Minister Maxine Morand and Youth Affairs Minister James Merlino.

$10.7m renovation boost for Victorian children's services

Over 900 kindergartens, childcare centres, neighbourhood houses and schools in Victoria will share $10.7 million in State Government grants to buy equipment, expand services, renovate and improve general amenities. The grants, which were announced by Children and Early Childhood Development Minister Maxine Morand, are for new facilities, renovations, refurbishments, and minor upgrades. See Minister's media release, 17 June 2008.

VATE English in the Middle Years Conference

The 2008 Middle Years Conference of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE) will take place on 10–11 August in Victoria's Yarra Valley. The conference will be based at the Healesville Memorial Hall, but workshops will be held in various locations around the town.

Expanded homestay options for rural Queensland students

Queensland secondary students from rural and remote communities will have a greater choice of state high schools at which to study under an expanded Homestay Program. State Education and Training Minster Rod Welford said the program has been expanded from seven to 16 schools. The Homestay Program was introduced in 2006 to offer care in a family home environment for secondary students who choose to complete their education away from home. See Minister's media release, 19 June 2008.


Queensland Picasso exhibit features activities for children and secondary students

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) will feature innovative activities for children and programs for secondary school students during the Picasso & His Collection exhibition, which is running from 9 June to 14 September. There is Yo Picasso Kids for children, the I love art history talks for high school groups and professional development activities for teachers.Young people can also listen to contemporary French electronic music and create their own tracks with interactive DJ turntables. See media release 8 June 2008 by Rod Welford, Minister for Education and Training and Minister for the Arts.

US report 'finds little gain from vouchers'

Disadvantaged students in the USA's District of Columbia school voucher program generally did no better on reading and maths tests after two years than public school peers, according to a recent report  from the USA's Education Department. The program is the first US Government initiative to fund private school tuition, according to a commentary in the Washington Post 17 June 2008.