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What's new

Revisions to Australian Government funding for school infrastructure

The Australia Government has announced a forthcoming adjustment to funding for Building the Education Revolution (BER) and the Education Investment Fund (EIF) in the light of new updated economic forecasts. See media statement 2 November 2009 by Australian Government Minister for Education Julia Gillard. See also article in The Australian 6 November 2009.

Experts call for creative use of wind-down period

Education experts have urged creative use of the final, wind-down stages of the school year, arguing that this phase offers a chance for sporting, personal development and cultural programs. These activities, often crowded out of the main curriculum, can refresh tired teachers and check the rise of absenteeism. See article in The Age 2 November 2009.

Schools to run bilingual classes in NSW

Four public primary schools in New South Wales are to run bilingual programs. The schools will provide intensive Asian language programs alongside the usual curriculum. The programs are to commence in Kindergarten and Grade 1 with plans to expand to higher grades. See media statement 4 November 2009 by the State Education Minister Verity Firth. See also report on ABC News 4 November, commentary on ABC News 5 November, article with online reader feedback in The Daily Telegraph 6 November 2009, and archived article in Curriculum Leadership on a bilingual program at a Victorian primary school, 18 September 2009.

Harvard University expert praises Victorian education reforms

The Victorian education system has attracted glowing praise from an expert within the Harvard Graduate School of Education, following a visit by Darrell Fraser and Judy Petch, two senior officers of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. See article by Nancy Walser in the Harvard Education Letter September/October 2009.

New website on child care services in Victoria

Victorian Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development Maxine Morand has launched Child Care Connect Victoria, a new website designed to give families in the State more information about child care services in their area. The site links to the national mychild.gov.au website. See Minister's statement 28 October 2009.

School performance reporting update

The Victorian Government's new 'report card' system for measuring school effectiveness is due to be introduced this month, attracting comment from a range of educational organisations. See article in The Australian and article in the Herald Sun both 6 November 2009.

Extra literacy and numeracy tuition for Indigenous students in Victoria

Victorian Education Minister Bronwyn Pike has announced that 'the number of Koorie primary students receiving literacy and numeracy support will increase from five per cent to 40 per cent over the next four years'. See Minister's statement 4 November 2009.

New marking system in SA senior years

Secondary school teachers across South Australia are receiving new guidelines this week that aim to preserve consistent marking of student work under the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). See SACE Board statement 4 November and report on ABC News 5 November 2009.

Controversy after school accepts funding support from arms manufacturer

A South Australian public school has been challenged 'for reaching a deal with the world's largest manufacturer of guided missiles to fund a new curriculum', according to a report on ABC News 2 November 2009.

University of Canberra forms partnership with two schools

The University of Canberra has formed an alliance with two nearby schools. The partnership, supported by the Australian Capital Territory Government, will allow students and teachers to share resources and expertise. See report on ABC News 2 November 2009.