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What's new

New genre to be introduced in 2011 writing test

In the 2011 NAPLAN writing test, students will be asked to write in a persuasive style. Under a persuasive style of writing, the writer must convince someone of his or her point of view or opinion. The decision to change from narrative to persuasive was made by all Australian Education Ministers at a Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA) meeting held on 15 April 2010. Support and sample materials demonstrating this genre are available on the NAPLAN website.

Julia Gillard speaks on education's role in the Australian Government's productivity agenda

Australian Government Minister for Education Julia Gillard has delivered an address to the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy outlining the role of education in the government's productivity agenda. See transcript of Minister's speech 10 June 2010.

Move to retain more casual teachers in South Australia

The South Australian Government is to review the way teachers are recruited into public schools to give principals more choice and to help retain talented young teachers who are currently on casual employment contracts. See statement 8 June 2010 by state Education Minister Jay Weatherill and article in The Advertiser (AdelaideNow) also 8 June 2010.

Fall in enrolments for courses in Asian languages

A commentary in The Australian 9 June 2010 notes falling enrolments in most Asian language education courses. See also the feature article in this week's edition of Curriculum Leadership.

Churches concerned over trial of secular ethics course in NSW

In New South Wales the Anglican and Catholic churches continue to express concerns regarding the secular ethics course that is currently being trialled at a range of public schools in the state. See article 9 June and related article 8 June 2010 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Education spending in NSW budget

The NSW Government has outlined its plans for educational spending in a statement 8 June 2010. See also article in the Sydney Morning Herald 9 June 2010 on the educational provisions of the state budget, and an article on staffing changes in the NSW Department of Education in The Australian 9 June 2010.

NSW school heater replacement program

The NSW Minister for Education and Training, Verity Firth, has announced that $15 million in funding will be provided to replace unflued gas heaters in around 100 schools located in the coldest areas of the state. See Minister's statement 9 June 2010.

Privately run school rankings site riles union

The Australian Education Union has called for the closure of a website that ranks schools by NAPLAN test results. See report on ABC News 8 June 2010.

Changes to post-compulsory education in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Minister for Education and Skills, Lin Thorpe, has announced a number of changes to post-compulsory schooling in the state. As part of the changes, the Polytechnic and Academy boards will be brought under the Department of Education. See Minister's statement 7 June 2010. See also article in The Mercury 7 June 2010 and article in BigPond News 8 June 2010.

School sector funding discussed

The allocation of funding between school sectors is considered in an opinion piece on the ABC's The Drum Unleashed program 9 June 2010.

New anti-bullying laws to be introduced in Victoria

In Victoria there has been a large increase in the number of intervention orders related to bullying in schools. Many cases relate to cyber-bullying. In response, the State Government is planning to introduce new anti-bullying laws. See article in The Herald Sun 9 June 2010.

Feedback from Canberra schools trialling new national curriculum

Schools across the country are taking part in a trial of the draft national curriculum in order to provide feedback about content and implementation. Feedback from participating schools in Canberra is described in a report on ABC News 8 June 2010.

Challenges to international students in school transitions

International students face a number of challenges during the transition from secondary to tertiary study, according to academic Betty Leask. Changes include differences in class sizes and contact hours, moving away from their host families, and balancing study and part-time work. See article in The Advertiser (AdelaideNow) 9 June 2010.

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